The Rolex Race in Malta

The Rolex middle sea race has been going on for several years now with great success.

The participants are from all over the globe and the grand price is massive. The running costs are huge too and thanks to the sponsors the race has gained popularity and is one of the top yacht racing competitions in the world

Safety systems have been put in place to make sure everyone’s safety comes first and farmost, in the past there were several injuries. “When you have massive powerful boats combined with wind and a lot of adrenaline, injuries are almost inevitable” says Adam from

This race is responsible for $3.5 million injection in the Maltese economy. The owners of such expensive boats come to Malta, stay in luxury hotels, eat, sleep and buy expensive jewelry and clothing. Some even buy property, they love Malta so much.

Malta is the ideal setting because we have nice weather almost all year round and the calm seas, shallow warm water and hospitable, friendly people makes The Maltese islands the place to be for such sporting activities. With almost half a million inhabitants, the island is considered one of the safest on the planet. Gozo is safer 🙂

The race takes place both in the morning and at night. Obviously these huge sailing yachts have a generator on board to power up water hear, lighting and other appliances in the cabin. Cabins are usually small with bunk beds. Now these yachts are also installed with big flood lights that can spread light up to 100 metres.

2017 is certainly going to be a great year for yachting and sailing.

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