Learning the most effective yachting photography techniques

How To Learn The Most Effective Yachting Photography Techniques

Many professional photographers prefer to choose a niche and become experts in it. This approach enables them to build a better portfolio and to attract more clients. It’s much easier to become an expert in yachting photography than in the broader sports photography niche, to give you only one example.

The main idea of yachting photography is to use the right techniques at the right time. You need to capture the beauty of the boats, but also the nautical atmosphere. Yachting is a sport and a pleasure, a method of relaxation. All these should transcend from your photos to the viewers.

Shipping and Boating Photography Courses

You can learn these techniques by taking a professional course. However, once you get familiar with these tricks and settings, you need to go out there and take photos until you understand what are the most effective settings for each particular situation.

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As a matter of fact, when photographing moving sail boats, you have to use a very fast shutter speed. This means that you have to use wider aperture settings in order to compensate for the shutter speed. You always need to allow enough light to enter the camera, as this is the only way to capture all those details and colors that make yachting photography unique and memorable. As getting a sharp image is quite difficult, you should play around with the ISO value, in order to be able to increase the shutter speed even more. Time and experience are going to teach you the good settings.

The more you try, the better you become, so never give up trying. When you are on a moving boat, most photos are going to be out of focus. Even if you use a tripod, you won’t be able to reduce the wave motion. A very high shutter speed is your only solution. By using very high ISO values, you can increase the shutter speed to the point where most photos are going to be perfectly focused.

The Depth of Field is another parameter you have to become familiar with. A bigger DOF is going to bring all elements in the image in focus. On the contrary, a narrower DOF is going to enable you to detach the main subject from the blurred background, for a more artistic effect.

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As yachts can be quite big, you need to have a good wide-angle lens in your photographer’s kit to capture them. In addition, you should have a powerful zoom lens as well, because it is going to enable you take amazing close-ups of sailors and of various boat parts.

Sunset at sea is perhaps the best moment to capture stunning landscapes and bright colors. Avoid using your flash and try to use spot or multi-zone metering mode. These techniques allow you to capture the best light and to obtain the right exposure for perfect images. Don’t forget that the more you experiment the better your skills and your personal shooting technique. In time, you’ll become an excellent yachting photographer.

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With an increasing demand for yachts, the demand for yacht photographers is on the increase.

Yachting registration has increase by 7% in 2016 alone. There are various countries where it makes sense to register your yacht. Here’s a list of some great places: http://nomadcapitalist.com/2015/12/11/four-best-countries-yacht-registration/

These are, in no order of priority

  • Cayman islands
  • Malta
  • Liberia
  • Marshal islands

One of the largest registries in the world of yachts is the Maltese. Malta is a fantastic place, safe, strong economy and surrounded by water. The weather is warm almost all year round. So pleasure yacht & boat registration in Malta makes perfect sense if you would like to save some tax as well.

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